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About Zack

Zack, a.k.a Oliver Frey (and occasionally ‘Clint’ in the past), has been a professional illustrator all his adult life.

In addition to widespread exposure in mainstream publishing and in computer games magazines for his own companies, he is justly famous internationally for his gay illustration work since the mid-1970s.

In the main this has centred on self-authored comic-strip stories, to which this site is predominantly dedicated, since the majority of original paintings have now sold to collectors all over the world.


Zack Original Erotica

Perhaps the best descriptions of Zack come from a tiny handful of the many reviews which have praised his work.


Works of exquisite art…this artist has divine inspiration…Insightful into the workings of the mind, painterly flourish, movement, strength, expressiveness and very sexy. What more could you want? Expert at action and sentiment.

— Anónimo dijo

I purchased [Meatmen] because of Zack’s stunningly erotic Bike Boy, which I rate the hottest piece of erotica – written, drawn, or filmed – I've ever seen…the artist is truly that: an artist. He knows, and has obviously studied, and mastered, anatomy and design; the action in his panels is exciting, fresh, imaginative, and drawn with beauty and extraordinary concision. At every moment and from whatever angle he draws…Zack knows how to make those bodies, angles, and positions the most arousing.

— review

Message To The Emperor takes an innocent youth down a long road in ancient times toward a truly spectacular climax, with amazing art that really raises the standards a few notches. It’s a wild, non-stop tour through ancient Rome: witty, unbridled, and drawn with the author’s almost incredible eye for detail. Zack doesn't cheat the reader in any way…If Zack doesn’t do it for you, you may be dead from the waist down.

— review

Even though Zack’s draftsmanship, color and composition are all top notch, what sets him apart from his peers is his narrative sense. The ability to tell a story is something that sets pin-up art apart from good comics art…it’s beautifully rendered, erotically charged and has a very clear, distinct narrative.

— review

The staff is almost ashamed to admit that none of us really paid that much attention to Frey's work when we first saw it – probably in old issues of Meatmen, or something. Anyhow, like a lot of drawings we just sort of flipped past it, immediately brushing it off as ‘not our style’. Then years later, someone actually read one of his pieces and realised how well put together it was. Then we started noticing the volume of his work…now, we’re all huge fans.

— Meatcute

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