On a lighter note

The Rogue comic strips were invariably tongue-in-cheek, the smile in the punchlines, but there were opportunities for true cartoons as well.

On a lighter note

After Lunch (subtitled rather coyly “For Men Who Like Each Other”) was a short-lived quarterly journal (1976–1977) with literary contributions and general observations on gay life. Oliver Frey was asked to illustrate the cover of issue 2. Some years later, his cartoon talents were called on for the “New” HIM #56 to illustrate journalist and essayist Patrick Newley’s humorous piece “After Finding Mr Wonderful”. Newley’s articles always depicted personal disasters, in this one bemoaning his fatal attraction to waifs and strays.


I fell first for the looks — and then for the hard luck story

In the following issue he pondered on the “horrors of being a gay on display”.


The serious-minded newspaper Gay News tended to sneer at the gay magazine market, sniffing at how the “porn” let down the side of gay liberation. In an article refuting the claims of a particularly virulent Gay News article, Oliver added his own ha’penny worth in this pungent lampoon on GN’s stuffy 1950s family-read approach.


Another stab at GN’s Christmas seriousness came in a lively Greetings Card with a cheeky theme…


When it was announced late in 2003 that writer/producer Russell T. Davies (Queer as Folk) was to head up the BBC’s hugely successful revival of Doctor Who (first season broadcast in 2005), Oliver sent him a cartoon Dalek, though the design was never used in Season One…or any other!

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