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Blood and Lust

Blood and Lust

Product ID: NOV-06

Before The Running Man, before Battle Royale, long before The Hunger Games, there was Blood and Lust...

Clint, a loner who trusts no one, hates anyone depending on him is a happy-go-lucky London rent-boy until he robs an unwary customer. When the cops scoop him up, the cell he wakes up in belongs to no common jail and he’s never heard of a prison where his fellow inmates are summarily executed for disobedience.

Clint learns he is now a part of TransGlobal Entertainment, a shadowy corporation which trains and forces its prisoners to fight other gladiators to the death for the pleasure of an elite with the money to pay for their favorite blood sport. Clint is soon fighting for his life, and in one destined to be brutal and short there is at least relief and comfort to be found in the arms of the men and boys of the arena.

But if he’s ever to get out alive Clint must also learn to trust and rely on others_and that’s the toughest challenge he’s ever faced.

244 pages

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