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Boys of Disco City

Boys of Disco City

Product ID: NOV-02

In Boys of Vice City, American Gil Graham and his English boyfriend Mike Smith escaped movie mogul James Rosen’s evil clutches in Rome and fled to London.

Now life is cool, and the growing relationship cements the boys’ love for each other. They have jobs at Pinewood film studios, a fine apartment in a London suburb, and hectic nights out at Paradise, Europe’s biggest gay disco. Cruising Hampstead Heath, gladiatorial combat, a collapsing Roman temple, a blue-movie shoot, and a wild trip to New York form the backdrop to the continuing adventures of Gil and Mike. But can the idyll last once Rosen turns up, bent on revenge?

And in his sacrifice, can Mike find the courage he will need to save Gil’s life. Read the second volume of this tear-jerking saga of love in a harsh world.

200 pages

Since Oliver Freys' passing in the summer of 22 we are unfortunately unable to process any orders