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Boys of the Fast Lane

Boys of the Fast Lane

Product ID: NOV-04

Reunited with Mike Smith in London, Gil Graham attempts to pursue his career in movies through writing scripts, while Mike’s younger brother Will pursues Gil with all the guile and determination he possesses in abundance.

Mike has his own problems when teenage heartthrob popster turned movie star Nathan Cliffe turns his off-screen performance into an erotic dance for Mike’s heart and something below his belt. What can Mike do? When the star commands he must obey. Gil isn’t happy, the movie brat comes between them, and it’s not helped by Mike’s teasing when Gil sells a script for an unlikely project. Against the frantic backdrop of London’s gay scene, Gil and Mike must overcome the strains that ambition, work, and outright jealousy place on their hard-won love. Will they be up to the challenge or will the frenzy of keeping Nathan safe drive them to distraction?

Can Gil drive in the wrong side of the road in a chase to bring the baddies to justice? Will Mike survive the horror of having Gil wreck his beloved Alfa Romeo Horny? All is revealed…honest!

236 pages

Since Oliver Freys' passing in the summer of 22 we are unfortunately unable to process any orders