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Deadly Circus of Desire

Deadly Circus of Desire

Product ID: NOV-10

Boys of Imperial Rome #1

Rome, AD 108: A chance encounter at the festival of Lupercalia throws together two diverse young men.

Streetwise Junius Tullius Rufio and patrician Quintus Caecilius Alba could not be more different, and they get off to a stormy start. An uncle’s greedy scheming propels Quintus into emperor Trajan’s intimate entourage of fun-loving young courtiers, while Rufio is busy with his antique-dealer mother’s varied enterprises and a promiscuous sex life in Rome’s murkier neighborhoods.

Elaborate plans for a state visit by a degenerate potentate from the east force the boys into uneasy partnership. Then a mystery killer strikes at the very heart of the imperial court and threatens to fatally disrupt events. Gladiators, chariot racers, senators, and courtiers clash in this sexy saga of Ancient Rome, which turns from a circus of desire to youthful love.

322 pages

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