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Desert Studs

Desert Studs

Product ID: NOV-09

Lust in the sun... When Ryan and Ethan decide on a backpacking expedition in the Arizona Desert, they want the trip to be tough, grueling, and hot.

But what they encounter is heat of a different kind—rutting studs! Kidnapped on the desert sands, they are flown to a luxury hideaway and meet Ganbaatar, mastermind of sex and drugs, slave master over a stable of young studs trained to please every twisted perversion the wealthy can pay for...

In this searing dream world of wild sex, where anything goes and no animal urge is denied, lust goes berserk in a prison with its own rules—can Ryan and Ethan take it?

190 pages

Since Oliver Freys' passing in the summer of 22 we are unfortunately unable to process any orders