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Raw Recruits

Raw Recruits

Product ID: NOV-08

When Luke and Harry, young veterans of the hell in Afghanistan turned hustlers, are offered a small fortune to join a band of mercenaries by a stranger in a New York bar, they can’t refuse, and before they know it they are plunged into the adventure of their lives.

The men, a crew of raw recruits, randy and ready for action, giving and taking with youthful lust, whatever their two tough and twisted leaders dish out! The objective: to fight Strom’s War and invade an island in the Caribbean. Raw Recruits catapults you into the scorching, sweaty, rough and tumble world of mercenaries. Men who like their men tough and hard. Men who enjoy sex to the hilt anytime, anywhere, anyhow! Live with them, love with them, see them in Zack’s searing illustrations!

188 pages

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