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The Warrior's Boy

The Warrior's Boy

Product ID: NOV-07

Sexual athlete Eric Random, an English mercenary on his way to Italy in 1527, enjoys rough and tumble sex at every inn on the road to Venice.

Stable lads, tavern servers, and page boys fall to his remorseless assaults—until one boy, the innocent Raffael, stirs deeper emotions. As the randy roughneck plows through a rich pageant of decadence and lust fate throws him in and out of young Raffael’s path—ever more smitten. But with Raffael now a helpless, captive sex slave in the palazzo of the vilest noble in Venice, can Eric,s fighting skill save his longed-for love from certain death?

Then, fortune smiles on his star-crossed love, in the form of Sandro, a young rent-boy with a heart of gold... Degenerate, brawling, and licentious Renaissance Italy comes to raw life in this sizzling illustrated tale of history as it was never taught in the classroom.

200 pages

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